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Portable personal storage for agile and flexible working environments

hotbox™ is the original and only portable personal storage system specifically designed for the agile workplace.

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Convenient and simple to use:

Unique dual action lid keeps the hotbox™ secure, easy and safe to carry and then simply slides out of the way to give easy access.

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Easy to identify:

business card holders located on the side and top so you can identify your hotbox™.

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Totally flexible interior:

Aluminium interior with flexible dividers, file hanging bars and pen pot allow you to customise your hotbox™.

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Carry it safely:

hotbox™ has 2 ergonomic handles to make it safe and easy to carry or pull out of a locker.

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Keep it secure:

With a combination lock to the front and a tether point to the rear you can secure your hotbox™ quickly and easily.

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Works and goes with you:

hotbox™ is designed to work in your space, hanging on a tool bar or from the desk adaptor, or clip it on the caddy to take it with you when you are on the move.

    Portable personal storage for agile and flexible working environments.

    Designed to make you and your workspace more productive, hotbox™ is a unique, flexible and secure portable personal storage system that is easy to use and extremely durable

    Don't let department based workspaces hamper collaboration, innovation and growth. hotbox™ allows for an agile workplace where employees are free to work in different locations easily and effectively.

    The pedestal is dead – long live hotbox™

    Technical Information:

    • Height Lid closed 270mm
    • Height Lid open 260mm
    • Depth Lid closed 250mm
    • Depth Lid open 267mm
    • Width 385mm
    • Weight empty 3.2KG
    • Manufactured from recyclable polypropylene with aluminium inner panels.
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    Caddy clip on wheels for hotbox™


    Clip on transport wheels for hotbox™

    With a telescopic handle that retracts down to a little over the overall height of a closed hotbox™, Caddy brings a new versatility and ease of use to transporting hotbox™ between offices or home.

    • Retractable handle
    • Colour black.
    Desk clamp for hotbox™

    Desk Clamp

    Now you can clip your hotbox™ to the front edge of your workstation, bringing it closer to you and easier to use.

    Personalise your hotbox™

    Personalise your hotbox™

    Do you want to personalise your hotbox™ – add some colour or company logo?

    We can supply custom printed adhesive decals from your artwork, or we can create a design for you, to promote your brand or organisation.

    The decals can be easily applied on site by any user, or in our own facility before delivery of your hotbox™ consignment. Please contact us for more information.